ELAICHI, the Goddess for skin, yet unexplored!

ELAICHI, the Goddess for skin, yet unexplored!

 Here’s about everything you wish to know about fighting acne to skin brightening.

There are many reasons behind an uneven skin tone and acne, such as exposure to the sun, pollution, hormonal imbalance and hyper-pigmentation.

Are you troubled by these issues?

DON’T WORRY! Here we are to suggest you the simplest, natural and most effective ingredient which will help you fight acne and brighten your skin complexion.

Just like us if you prefer all-natural ingredients that are not harsh on your skin, then include Elaichi to your daily routine that is heavily reputed to help with many skin-healing endeavours. For years, Elaichi has been used in skin care routine as one of the most effective products that helps in healing breakouts, purifies skin by clearing out blemishes and helps in lightening skin scars and dark skin patches.

If you choose to make Elaichi a part of your daily skin care routine, then you certainly won’t be disappointed to witness its positive benefits. Here are some reasons why adding Elaichi to your skin care routine make it healthier, safer, or better for your skin.

1. Best for glowing skin and brightening complexion

Elaichi contains a lot of antioxidants, so using its oil on the face will help in lightening the complexion of your skin, removes freckles and will give complete glow to your face. On the other hand, it stimulates blood flow to the skin resulting in a more radiant complexion. It also deeply nourishes and helps your skin to stay hydrated improving skin texture.

2. Fights the signs of ageing

The oils and extracts of Elaichi have impressive medicinal properties, massaging it on your face can be highly beneficial. Using its oil is one of the effective ways of treating ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines which will help you look younger.

3. Helps in fighting acne

Using Elaichi oil is extremely beneficial for your skin if you have severe acne or black heads on your face. By just adding a few drops of oil in your face pack will control the problem of pimples and pigmentation.

4. Treat extreme skin allergies

One of the best benefits of Elaichi are its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are good for treating skin allergies. These infection-fighting properties also removes dead skin and enhances skin health.